Last Flat

In the 50’s, boats were overbuilt. Fiberglass was new to boat-building. Builders were unsure how thick to layup a hull so they put in a little extra glass. With technology, laminates became lighter and “stronger”. I “Challenge” that concept. Any boat that can survive nearly 65 years of useful service, must out of necessity be awarded the title “stronger than most”.

If this skiff could tell a story, write a book or better yet, film a documentary; without question, and audience would gather to be part of the history. But what if the skiff had more stories to create? More experiences to share? What if “Last Flat” could fish for 3o more years? Or 40 more?

Could this skiff be the first 100-year-old Flats Boat?

Could this Old Truck become part of the journey?

I am posing these question because I believe the answers are “Yes!” “Absolutely!”

Who else might enjoy tagging along on the journey?