Vernese Customs® is working with Xantrex® to offer the FREEDOM eGEN, a fully integrated system that offers the most reliable AC and DC power to run an air conditioner and other high power loads in all climate conditions and precise battery management for accurately charging lithium ion batteries from multiple sources. The most compelling benefit is the freedom and confidence it offers to boaters so
they may anchor out for longer periods and enjoy noise-free and CO2-less power like never before.

UL1973 certification from UL, the most respected independent body for safety and reliability
  • Lithium ion iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is the safest chemistry on the market today
  • Temperature control protects the battery from charging and discharging at unsafe temperatures which will degrade the battery
  • Individual cell management makes sure each cell is treated safely


  • Utilize the auxiliary power on a boat to charge batteries
  • Using marine combiner kits, an eGEN system is able to combine power from all engines for quick replenishment of batteries
  • Unlike traditional batteries, the Xantrex batteries can accept massive charge current

eGen is not a direct replacement for a typical generator, unless the components and devices connected are highly efficient as compared to their predecessors. For example, Air Conditioners with Variable Speed DC Inverter Compressors can run nearly 3 times longer than their predecessor by drawing directly from the Battery Bank vs. a 120 volt Unit consuming inverted power.

If you have an application that could benefit from an eGen, shoot us a message.