MEK short for MEKP is the “Hardener” or catalyst for Polyester Resin and Vinylester Resin Systems including Isothalic and Gelcoat.

Turn up the Volume?? Okay!

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Here is a “Old Shcool” MEKP Chart for Download if you prefer

MEKP Catalyst Chart

Okay, so how is this MEKP Catalyst Chart useful? Well, first and foremost, using these Calculators will increase the quality of your work. How? You will develop a repeatable process and quality is the offspring of repetition. You will gain predictable results. If you decide to Double or Triple the Volume to do a larger project or portion, the Calculator does the math for you with precision and ease. Much more to come! Check often!

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I genuinely do care about ALL my customers and hope everyone of you achieve the absolute best results possible. However, I can NOT guarantee you will. There are simply too many variables. I do suggest you start small. Mix very small batches until you achieve the desired result. Then scale up!! Practice and prepare!! Have an abort strategy!! AND have fun!! Creating is very rewarding! Enjoy!!!

-Damon Vernese

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