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MEK, short for MEKP, is the “Hardener” or catalyst for Polyester Resin and Vinylester Resin Systems including Isothalic and Gelcoat. Below are two FREE MEKP Calculators and a MEKP CHART to simplify the process of determining the proper ratio of resin to catalyst or gelcoat to catalyst. TIP: You can also use these to calculate the correct amount of Wax Additives or other surfacing agents like “Patch-Aid” (3-4%) or as recommended. Or UPGRADE!

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Gain access to PREMIUM Calculators by WEIGHT when you subscribe today. The MEKP Calculators by WEIGHT are “Dead-On” when it comes to precision and Superior to any Catalyst Chart. Resin and Gelcoat differ in weight. Gelcoat is significantly heavier than Resin because of the fillers and pigments added. The Volumetric Calculators above are GREAT tools. However, neither they nor any Catalyst Chart can provide the exact ratio by WEIGHT. If you want CONSISTENT RESULTS every time you mix, YOU NEED to MEASURE BY WEIGHT NOT VOLUME!! Two Versions are available both Ounces and Pounds.

Here is an “Old School” MEKP Chart for Download if you prefer

MEKP Catalyst Chart

Okay, so how is this MEKP Catalyst Chart or these handy Calculators useful? Well, first and foremost, using a Catalyst Chart or these Catalyst Calculators will increase the quality of your work. How? You will develop a repeatable and scalable process. If you decide to Double or Triple the Volume to do a larger project or portion, the Calculator does the math for you! Instantly, you will gain predictable results.

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I genuinely do care about ALL my customers and hope everyone of you achieve the absolute best results possible. However, I can NOT guarantee you will achieve the same results as I would. There are simply too many variables. I do suggest you start small. Use these calculators and mix very small batches until you achieve the desired result. Then scale up!! Practice and prepare!! Have an “abort” strategy!! AND have fun!! Creating is very rewarding! Enjoy!!!

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